Safety & Etiquette on the Course

Whiteleaf is a tight course with boundaries of the course on every hole. Players are reminded to adhere to the etiquette and behaviour included in the Rules of Golf. Note: all comments regarding the 1st apply to the 10th, etc. Please read and comply with the sign behind the 1st tee.
1st & 6th Holes
A public footpath crosses the 1st and 6th fairways from the end of the fence in front of the cottage on the right to the small gate giving access to the cricket field. Do not play if there is anyone on the footpath. There is also a footpath down the right hand side of the 1st fairway from the large fence to the Cadsden Road.The 1st and the 6th holes run in opposite directions with neighbouring fairways. Be alert and careful. Do not drive from the 1st while golfers are playing their shots to the 6th green. Do not play shots to the 6th green while players are walking off the 1st tee. Remain short of the 6th fairway while players are driving from the 1st tee. Wait for the bell before playing blind shots to the 1st green and remember to ring the bell when leaving the 1st green.
2nd Hole
When putting on the second green be alert for balls coming from the 4th hole.
3rd Hole
The 3rd hole is now a “call up” hole so once your group have finished putting out please call up players waiting behind to allow them to play onto the green.
4th Hole
Wait to drive from the 4th tee until the 2nd green is clear.The garden on the right of the fairway at approximately 190 yds from the tee and the next garden gets numerous balls in their gardens every month. Please act responsibly, choose you club carefully. You will score better! Do not play shots to the 4th green until the tee behind the green is clear.
5th Hole
Please be aware of balls coming in from the left (4th hole) when passing behind the green and 14th tees. Players with trolleys should use the path around the rear of the 14th tees.
7th Hole
Wait for the bell before playing blind shots to the 7th green and remember to ring the bell when leaving the green.
9th Hole
Do not drive from the 9th tee if there is anyone on the 7th tee.

If you hit a ball over a course boundary (where there is an adjoining house/garden or road) anywhere on the course this needs to be recorded in the incident book in the clubhouse.

  • Play must not start before 8.00 am.
  • The 1st tee is closed between 10.00 and 11.30 am on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and public holidays.
  • 1st and 10th tees have alternate precedence except when a club match/competition is coming through the 10th. 
  • Do not start your round if there is anyone already playing the 9th.
  • Do not start your round on the 7th is there is anyone already playing the 6th.
  • Any match has priority over social golf.
  • Do not try to cut in amongst a club match.
  • Men’s social golf should be played from yellow tees.
  • Please repair pitch marks, rake bunkers and replace divots.

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04.11.2020 19:52
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Due to Government guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19 Whiteleaf golf course, shop and clubhouse will be CLOSED to members & visitors, until further notice.